Water Treatment Domestic

AQUIONICS has designed, manufactured & installed water treatment plants & systems for many prestigious clients world over like Hyatt hotels, KL International Airport, University of Malaysia etc. enabling them to enjoy the purest water uses.

Since water is absolutely essential and poorly understood by most, Aquionics launches innovative World Class Domestic Water purification systems viz. Best and first of its kind Whole House Water Filter, RO (Reverse Osmosis) purifier, uV sterilization system, Water Softener, Ion exchange resin etc. for Indian homes. Our unique Deep Bed Filtration technologies keep us on the top. All our products are tested to the highest standard before they are introduced into the market.

Our domestic water purification systems are designed not only for drinking purpose but also for bathing, brushing, washing & other house hold needs. Our mission is to provide safe & pure water that contains useful minerals without any harmful water contaminants to every household for drinking as well as other water needs. NOW you can be 100% sure for safe drinking water & for other household uses by installing Water Filtration systems manufactured & supplied by Aquionics