Livpure Magna

India’s 1st most advanced touch technology RO water purifier
Advanced ergonomics to match your modem life style.
Advanced filter change indicator system.
Quick and friendly customer service.
India’s 1st push button water dispensing RO water purifier.
Purified water storage capacity of 8.5 litres (approx.).
Customer care number on display panel.
Advance dispensing option to choose from.
Rs.19,800 Rs.18,300
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Product Description

Magna (RO+UV+UF) is one of India’s most advanced water purifiers using intelligent control. It combines the benefits of reserve osmosis (RO), ultraviolet light and ultrafiltration technology to deliver water that is completely free of all impurities. The state-of-the-art product has been introduced by Luminous Water Technologies Pvt Ltd, part of the SAR group, and a well-known and respected household brand. The intelligent water purifier sets new benchmarks in water purification and offers the Indian consumer a great combination of safety, convenience and style.


Technical Specifications
Features MAGNA (RO+UV+UF)
» PURIFICATION CAPACITY* » up to 15 litres / hour.
» MAX. DUTY CYCLE » up to 75 litres / day.
» STORAGE TANK CAPACITY » 11 litres (approx.).
» RO MEMBRANE. » 75 GPD (gallons per day).
» FILTER » Sediment filter, Activated carbon filter, Anti scalant filter, Post nano silvercarbon filter.
» UV LAMP » 11 W.
» MIN. INLET WATER PRESSURE » 0.3 kg / sq-cm.
» MAX. INLET WATER PRESSURE** » 3.0 kg / sq-cm.
» INPUT VOLTAGE » 110V - 300V, 50 Hz.
» BOOSTER PUMP » 100 psi, 24V DC.