Livpure Pep Plus

Product Description

Pep Plus has been designed for the modern Indian home. Combing great, sleek looks with top notch performance, Pep Plus is your best choice when it comes to water filters in India. The state-of-the-art product has been introduced by Luminous Water Technologies Pvt Ltd, part of the SAR group, and a well-known and respected household brand. Livpure Pep Plus sets new benchmarks in water purification and offers the Indian consumer a great mix of safety, convenience and style.


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Technical Specifications
Features Pep Plus (RO + UV + Taste Enhancer)
» 5-Stage Purification » Antiscalant Cartridge, Sediment Filter, Pre Carbon, RO Membrane, Post Carbon
»» TDS Range: MAX. DUTY CYCLE » Upto 2000 TDS max.
» SMPS: » 4W
» Material of Construction: » Powder Coated Frame.
» Usage: » Before Pre Cooler or as per requirement.
» Purification capacity: » Upto 12 Litres/hour
» MIN. INLET WATER PRESSURE » 0.3 kg / sq-cm.
» MAX. INLET WATER PRESSURE** » 3.0 kg / sq-cm.
» INPUT VOLTAGE » 140V - 300V, 50 Hz.


Features of Pep + (RO + UV + Taste Enhancer)

  • 6 stage purification process

  • Elegant & sleek design

  • Power ON, Purification process and Tank full indication

  • Effective tank storage capacity of 7 litres

  • Wall mounted installation