Livpure Pep RO

Product Description

Pep is your best choice when it comes to water filters in India. The state-of-the-art product has been introduced by Luminous Water Technologies Pvt Ltd, part of the SAR group, and a well-known and respected household brand. Livpure Pep sets new benchmarks in water purification and offers the Indian consumer a great mix of safety, convenience and style.


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Technical Specifications
Features Pep RO
» 5-Stage Purification » Antiscalant Cartridge, Sediment Filter, Pre Carbon, RO Membrane, Post Carbon
»» TDS Range: MAX. DUTY CYCLE » Upto 2000 TDS max.
» SMPS: » 2.5A, 24 V
» Material of Construction: » Powder Coated Frame.
» Usage: » Before Pre Cooler or as per requirement.
» Purification capacity: » Upto 12 Litres/hour
» MIN. INLET WATER PRESSURE » 0.3 kg / sq-cm.
» MAX. INLET WATER PRESSURE** » 3.0 kg / sq-cm.
» INPUT VOLTAGE » 140V - 300V, 50 Hz.


Features of Pep (RO)

  • 5 stage purification process

  • Elegant & sleek design

  • Power ON, Purification process and Tank full indication

  • Effective tank storage capacity of 7 litres

  • Wall mounted installation