Livpure Fit


Total Storage Capacity 17 Liters

Purified Water Storage Capacity 9 Liters

4 Stage Purification Process

99.99% Bacteria & Virus Protection

Kitanu Guard

USEPA Registered Disinfection Technology

Cartridge Life upto 3000 Liters or 10 months whichever is earlier

Purification Technology - USEPA Registered Disinfection Technology

Purification Life -

Guard has been designed to give up to 3000 Litres of purified water at room temperature

Shelf Life - 1 Year in Packed and Sealed Condition

Replacement Cycle - Up to 3000 litres or 10 months* whichever is earlier

Filter Cartridges - USEPA Registered Disinfection Technology)Carbon filter cum Adsorbent, Kitanu Guard (A Particulate Filter, Sediment Filter, Bacteriostatic

Material of Construction - Food Grade Plastic

Input Water Turbidity - 10 NTU max

Warranty – 1 year against any manufacturing defects

Rs.1,799.00 Rs.1,799.00