Livpure Pep


5 stage purification process

Elegant & sleek design

Power ON, Purification process and Tank full indication

Effective tank storage capacity of 7 liters

Wall mounted installation

* If Input water pressure is below 0.3 kg/, use of Booster Pump attachment is recommended to increase input water pressure and proper functioning of the unit. ** If Input water pressure is above 3.0 kg/, use of Pressure reducing valve is recommended for leak proof and smooth functioning of the unit. # Manufacturer reserves the right to change/replace/upgrade any part or component in pursuit of providing continuous improvement in the quality of the products to its esteemed customers.


1. Use a Pre filter cartridge if water contains more than 10 ntu turbidity.

2. Input Raw water temperature should be between 10°C to 45°C.

3. Total Dissolved Solids in Input Raw Water should not exceed 1500 ppm.

4. Raw water should be free from Oil & Grease.

5. Permissible Iron Content in Input Raw Water is 0.3 mg/ltr (max.).

6. Total Hardness in Input Raw Water should not exceed 600 mg/ltr (max.)

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