Livpure Touch 2000 Plus


India’s first advanced touch water purifier with RO+UV+UF+Taste enhancer

Advanced ergonomics to match your modern lifestyle.

Advanced filter change indicator system.

Quick and friendly customer service.

India’s first water purifier with push button water dispensing.

Purified water storage capacity of 8.5 litres (approx).

Customer care number on display panel.

Multiple dispensing options to choose from.

* If Input water pressure is below 0.3 kg/, use of Booster Pump attachment is recommended to increase input water pressure and proper functioning of the unit.

** If Input water pressure is above 3.0 kg/, use of Pressure reducing valve is recommended for leak proof and smooth functioning of the unit.

# Manufacturer reserves the right to change/replace/upgrade any part or component in pursuit of providing continous improvement in the quality of the products to its esteemed customers.


1. Use a Pre filter cartridge if water contains more than 10 ntu turbidity.

2. Input Raw water temperature should be between 10°C to 45°C.

3. Total Dissolved Solids in Input Raw Water should not exceed 2000 ppm.

4. Raw water should be free from Oil & Grease.

5. Permissible Iron Content in Input Raw Water is 0.3 mg/ltr (max.).

6. Total Hardness in Input Raw Water should not exceed 600 mg/ltr (max.)

Rs.18,990.00 Rs.16,700.00