Water treatments Equipments

Single Pass Filters

Sabah Series ( Permanent Media Filter )

The Sabah series filters for aquaculture, water treatment, swimming pools, marine and industrial applications are guaranteed to perform in harsh environments, year after year.
Designed to perform-built to last
The Sabah series filters are used wherever filtration of water under demanding conditions are required. The unique construction systems along with the highly engineered design make a filter that will out perform and outlast others.

Multi Pass Filters

The Aquionics Horizontal Filter Labuan Series is specially designed for commercial usage. The high designed flow rate gives the advantage of short turnover times which is required for very big swimming pools and water features in water theme parks, big public aquariums/zoos and public facilities like airports and hotels. Special viewing ports are incorporated to facilitate easy maintenance of these uniquely constructed filters.

Super Filters

For High Capacity Water Treatment
Super Filters have been engineered for large volume water treatment industrial applications, desalination plants, municipal water supply and are guaranteed to perform in harsh environments, year after year.
Aquionics Super Filters, manufactured to meet maximum operation pressure of 3 bar (Labuan Series) and 5 bar (Tuaran Series), can individually filter up to 1.2 million liters per hour.
The unique design of the super filters allows them to be shipped worldwide in 40' high cube shipping containers for transport economy and security. Super Filters are guaranteed to perform and warranted for 10 years (subject to terms & conditions).

Industrial Water Softeners

Aquionics is a leading manufacturer of water treatment products, including various standard and customized Industrial Water Softeners. The range of systems include top mount FRP units for commercial and industrial applications.
Salient Features

  • Pressure vessels are made of High quality FRP material & carry 10 years warranty.
  • All vessels carry Hydrostatic test certificate.
  • All systems include MPV & Pressure gauges
  • High capacity & High quality softening resin
  • All piping are non-clogging & specifically designed for even distribution of flow Very easy to backwash